Monday, February 05, 2007

Great Article on Doping

For your Monday morning reading pleasure (I mean, what else are you going to do at work?) This is an interesting piece about an aging recreational cyclist who tests modern doping procedures. It ties in well to blog I wrote last month on doping in sports and some of the other stuff from the tour. One thing to consider is that this guy is, probably, in his late 40s and the performance boosting difference between him and someone in there physical prime is huge. He's saying 10 to 15% (based on feel), whereas it's much less for someone younger with higher hormonal levels. Then there are the yahoos from Extreme Bodybuilding who chide his regement ("What are you, afraid to get strong?") These knuckleheads have and always will exist. They might, and I mean MAY, get more performance out of themselves but are also the ones getting themselves dead.

This is long, but if you're interested in performance-enhaning doping it's worth you time. Enjoy!

Drug Test


Anonymous said...

That was a really interesting artcle. HGH sounds rad, actually. It seems to me that HGH and the Testosterone cream might in in the same realm as legal supplements. Or am I misreading the article? I mean, one on hand you have botox, which is used millions of times legally - but off label- just for cosmetic reasons. Why not allow HGH? I'm just sayin'... -Debbie B.

steve edwards said...

HGH and testosteron are regularly used for anti-aging and legal if prescribed. They just aren't legal for sports. I know a doc who'll get you some. It's a bit pricy.

Anonymous said...

What do I look like... Rockafeller?!? Teeheehee...

BTW, how is your and Sandee's training for your 50 race?