Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fast and Light

A new speed record has been set on the Eiger, perhaps the most famous north face in the world. Here's a quick account with some history. Good stuff.

Eiger Speed Solo

As for me, I'm in California and just scouted the course for Sandee's attempt at a Birthday Challenge this weekend. Oh-la-la. 37 miles or running, 9 wineries, tasting 37 wines (whatever they pour, no cheating). And that's just part. Toss in a few hours of swimming, some bouldering, and a ride up the Texan's favorite Tour de France training climb and we've got the makings of an epic adventure. Oh, and she's also thrown in a nutritional obsticle, 37 Peeps (those horrific pink bunnies you see in stores around Easter). Fast and light, indeed.

Check it out

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Virginia said...

As if 37 wines wasn't enough to guarantee hurling...she adds PEEPS?!? BLECH!!!! My stomach is swirling is horror at the mere thought.