Thursday, March 06, 2008

My New Hero

I don't understand retirement. Why would anyone spend their entire life figuring out what they want to do, getting better at it, and then quit?

I also don't understand slowing down, backing off, or abstaining from the things in life that make you happy. I tell this to people all the time and, generally, they react as if I'm either crazy or lying. My goal all along has been to experience life; find the things I like doing; and then doing those things until I die. Kind of like this guy who, as far as I can tell, has got it all figured out. 101 years old, working, training for races ("in my spare time"), drinking and smoking. I think I'm going to have to find myself a Pimlico Plumbers shirt. Cheers, mate.

"My doctor told me that if I take perfect care of myself for the rest of my life, I'll get very sick and die." - Rodney Dangerfield


Deb said...

Dude, he DOES NOT look 101. Really only like 67 tops. And I bet, if you delved into his history, he has probably completed quite a few beer and fritter climbing challenges. Just seems the type. Thanks for posting the story.

marc said...


inspiring as always but for all the wrong reasons...anyway, i'm headed to a new all time weight max! i'm 160 now and am shooting for 200 by may. not a shred of muscle either; it's impressive. suzanne and i saw a p90x infomercial this morning and came very close to plunking down the 3 easy payments of 39.95. i've been threatening to get back on my bike sometime soon but the thought of getting back in shape seems orthoganol to all the damage i sustained this winter. anyway, visiting your blog again is the first step toward my rehabilitation. the second step is locking up the fridge. step 3 is remembering i have a b-day challenge in 2 months. shit, where's the remote?


Anonymous said...


It was nice being able to talk to you on the bus ride back to the hotel from the Grove in Anaheim. Thanks for all the work you do for Beachbody!


steve edwards said...

Great meeting you, too (and your wife and her sis). Hope you guys had fun shopping. See you next year!


steve edwards said...

Alright, Marc,

Weather's improving. Maybe we should get on our bikes....