Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Le Tour

It's that time of year, again. The Tour starts on Saturday.

If you're not already stoked, watch this.

While it's a completely open tour this year I imagine most people's money would be on either Evans or Valverde. On paper, no one else really has a chance. But since neither has actually won a tour you can't really say that either of them will deal with the pressure all the way to Paris without a mistake. In fact, the Tour must be in Valverde's head a bit by now, since he's never ridden it sans mishap of some sort. He's got the most talent, for sure. But talent isn't everything.

Day 90 came and went. Even though I've got another training block coming up I should probably do a fit test, huh?


marc said...

for the 2nd time in over 25 years of cycling, i have no interest in the tdf (again). sad (sigh, thanks professional cycling).


Josh said...

Not a single image of the Texan.

Nous sons dopers.

Steve Edwards said...

I don't think they're dopers anymore. All the race leaders getting creamed in the final TT of the Giro just doesn't sound like the EPO is flowing as freely as it once was. Anyway, I think the UCI should spit off anyhow. Then there can be a juiced and non-juiced version of the Tour and we could compare times. Then we can compare life expectancy. It would be fun.

Josh said...

Bike racing is dead. Long live bike racing.


Our Juicy Life said...

nous sommes....
anyway, I can wait for the tour. forget all the politico bs and let the suffering begin.
i here all these people saying they can't get excited about the tour, and i feel sorry for them.

marc said...

okay, i take it back...even these 1st 3 stages have been fun! in fact, the new no time bonus policy makes things zestier! there, i said it, i can't not watch the tour. i won't make it in to the lab before 11 am for the next 3 weeks...enjoy everyone.