Thursday, February 12, 2009

P90X Better Than Steroids!

The X is gettin' some serious love lately. My dad calls the other night and says he watching a show in the Giants and two pitchers, Zito and Wilson, are doing 90X. Tony calls me the other day to get my opinion on something because NBC is coming over to film a segment on Wii and wants the X perspective. He calls me again, a couple of days later from a plane on his way to do more X interviews and says, "Dude, you see the Grammys last night?" I hadn't but Sheryl Crow gave us a huge shout out from the red carpet.

Then, yesterday, I get this from Tony:
On WFAN, (biggest sports radio station in NYC) the host was talking this morning about A-Rod and said something to the effect of "his body was never that chiseled, not like he had a P90X body or anything".

This, for those of you not privy to the national news, is a reaction to Alex Rodriguez admitting that he'd been doing steroids. In reality, steroids don't make muscle, they just increase your body's ability to build muscle. But in a world where we see advertisements to "build muscle without steroids" as if the public thinks it's impossible, it's nice to get a little validity for our system. Anyone can have an X body. All it takes is a little structure and a lot of hard work.

Note: Jon Congdon (our President) sent this and I think it's a nice addition:

Everything you see about P90X that might appear to be PR is "organic" -- meaning that we don't pay for PR, and don't hire celebrities or athletes to do it, or talk about it. It's advertised on TV, in magazines sometimes, and more and more on the Internet, but we don't do PR. If Cheryl Crow, or Usher, or an MLB, NHL or NFL athlete buy it, they buy it just like everyone else and either because they saw the infomercial or a friend told them. That's what's so amazing about the P90X phenomenon of late.


CT Olson said...

This is great - I think the other thing is it shows you guys really did something special obviously and worked hard at making a great program. Kudos and here's to hoping it continues to grow!

bob banks said...

that's rad, but I'm assuming you guys paid her for that?

bob banks said...

I wrote that comment before reading your later addition. feel free to delete

Steve Edwards said...

I think most people would assume we're paying for all this. The only athlete we have a contact with is the Eagle's kicker, but that's just an incentive contract. He came to us about X, which he got from their strength coach who's a big fan. A lot of the Eagles used X during the offseason. Rumor has it that the US Ski Team is using it, too, or at least Bodie Miller.

Steve Edwards said...

And, just for the record, I was not doing X when I got injured. Instead, I was doing some one-legged leg presses recommended by the strength coach for the Australian cyling team. I won't blame the exercise for the injury, because it wouldn't have happened if my form was perfect. But it's still interesting to see where injuries occur. Tony's training group at the beach absorbed the dregs of a crossfit group that was training along side them after the bulk of them got injured.

There is the sentiment that if you're not getting injured you're not attempting to push boundries enough. True enough, but I'll continue my "white mouse" role for BB and shoulder that responsibility for the lot of our customers.

CT Olson said...

Interesting about injuries - I think everyone has some unfortunate experiences with it. Although I will say, my balky shoulder held up really well through my two plus rounds of the X, including countless pullups and pushups, even the doubles for periods in there. It's a point I've also made to my crossfit brethren on several occasions. My theory is it's at least two aspects - the yoga and the phasing. Meaning within the week and the monthly ones with the recovery weeks built in there etc. Anyway, it's again a sign that things are put together right to be able to improve WITHOUT hurting yourself.

Ken D Berry MD said...

Very good piece. The key to injury prevention after about 35 years of age is understanding the tissue differences between muscles, tendons and joints. Click my name to read my recent post on the subject.