Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Years Of Adventure

This week’s Psyche is a great story of a couple of friends and some of the adventures they’ve shared climbing around the world. I’ve been to most of the places in this video and, for the most part, all I’ve got recorded besides memories are some 35mm slides stored in a box somewhere. I have a lot of issues with viral media. In general, it seems like memory should suffice for things like nightly meal prep and kids doing homework. The flip side are offerings like this; vignettes of life that are actually meaningful, and entertaining for others. Have an adventurous weekend!

Thanks, again, to UK Climbing. The most consistently excellent climbing info on the world wide web.


Josh said...

So, like, I know that this should Psyche me up, or whatever. But it reminds me that I have a real fucking job, and a mortgage and employees and bills and responsibilities and shit like that.

Was a good vid though - blokes being blokes - rather than the usual drivel.

Somewhere along the line, I took a wrong turn.

I should've stayed on the bus.


Stranger said...

I may live bad but at least I don't have to work to do it.

Reed said...

Yea, I'm with Josh. That left me a little depressed that I'm sitting here at home watching my two kids instead of off adventuring around the world.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Josh/Reed... but I want both!