Friday, September 28, 2012

Ring of Fire

Following yesterday’s mind-fest it’s time for some light entertainment. For today’s Psyche I present not one...not two... but three videos, all featuring American rock star Jonathan Siegrist climbing some of the hardest routes in the US.

Le Reve - Jonathan Siegrist from MAXIM DYNAMIC ROPES on Vimeo.

le reve, arrow canyon, eastern nevada and algorithm at the fins, southern idaho

An interesting coincidence is that these climbing areas are all similar distances from my house in different directions and, oddly enough, I’ve not been to any of them (at one time I’d probably been to every published climbing area in the western US so this is saying something). And even though I’ll never do any of the routes in this post I absolutely need to experience the areas. It's a veritable ring of fire around my house, calling out my name. Fall is here, finally. Time to get some road trips on the agenda.

ARC'TERYX Chasing JStar - Utah from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

the hoop, an obscure crag hidden deep in the uintah mountains, eastern utah


Josh said...

Maybe we should meet at the Fins next weekend?


Bruce Anderson said...

The Hoop looks awesome. And you could climb 5.14...just sayin.

Steve Edwards said...

yeah I could. I mean, it looked so easy!

Finns next weekend?

Steve Edwards said...

yeah I could. I mean, it looked so easy!

Finns next weekend?

Bubba said...

Great stuff. Just get rid of this Tennis Elbos and I'm there.

Paul Smallbridge said...

Hello, Steve:
I enjoyed your latest post, as always. I am not a rock climber so I have a question: who secures the rings in the rock face for the climber to hook his rope in? I assume someone put them there. How?