Friday, November 09, 2012

Salt & Sugar: Video Chat

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Here's yesterday's chat, the more robust version of this article. The odd opening came to Keith in a dream, and who are we to deny such a vision? I'm sure there will be more chat dreams/themes in the future. If you have further questios, ask away here.


bob banks said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve! Love your blog.
I've been training with P90X, X2 and Insanity for about two years now, and just signed up for my first race this comming May. It will be a shorter race, only 5K, but it is an obsticle race. (Rugged Maniac) My plan right now is to do another round of X2 and then another round of Insanity. Is there something else I should include, and whould I train right up to the day of the race or should I stop training some interval of time before the race?


Steve Edwards said...

You don't really ever want to train right up to a race, though in this type of race it can be pretty close since 5k isn't too long and the obstacles are hard to train for since you probably don't know what they are. I'd say Asylum in the mix in place of Insanity would be an improvement, especially for the kind of movements you're going to face in your race. Asylum Vol 1 (workouts are fairly short, mainly) and running post X2 would have you in pretty great shape for your event. Just taper off the final week (just do easy runs and recovery workouts), with a short hight speed test the day before the race to get used to hard outputs again (don't build lactic acid, so very short) and you'll be ready.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply!