Friday, August 10, 2007

No GMOs At Monsanto Cafe

How ironic is it that a company that spends billions to ensure us that GMOs are safe doesn't allow them in its own cafeteria?

Monsanto Goes GMO-Free - in its Cafeteria
Ode Magazine, June 2007

UNITED KINGDOM. From now on, staff at the British headquarters of biotech giant Monsanto will be eating only non-genetically modified products on their lunch breaks. Foods containing genetically modified soy and corn are no longer available in the company cafeteria. Granada Food Services, which manages the canteen, is said to be concerned about health risks. Monsanto's press department contends the action was not the result of a boycott initiated by worried employees of theU.S. multinational.

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Anonymous said...

I have read this many times but cannot find the original article from ODE. Do you have it? Can you provide the actual link, please?