Friday, October 15, 2010

6 Minutes

“It ain’t the six minutes. It’s what happens in that six minutes.”

This week’s psyche is a continuation of the Vision Quest videos posted from a few weeks ago. It’s also a tribute to our dog Beata. B passed away this week, before her time, but lived along the lines of the message from today’s psyche. It’s not about how long we live, but what we do with the time we have. She lived each day with panache, which is something I’ll always aspire to emulate.

This video embodies not just why we engage in sport but why we attempt to do anything. To me, trying is the essence of being.

Anyway, that's why I'm getting dressed up and giving up a night's pay for this function. Enjoy.


Josh said...

Jesus, it just dawned on me that Elmo is JC Quinn, aka Jim from Barfly.

What a great actor.

Jim: to Henry, "Hey, How come you're always so fucked up?"

Henry: (shrugs)

Pretty Goddamned Glorious.


Jim said...

He's as right as any of us. He drinks and he waits.