Friday, December 09, 2011

P90X2 For Outdoor Athletes

I’m going to be starting a round of P90X2 designed to get me ready for a season of riding, running, and climbing. Today’s Psyche post is on the above photo of the package sitting in my garage that was followed by Twitter and Facebook posts, “There's a package sitting on the floor containing P90X2 and collateral material that's burning a hole in my post-challenge recovery mode.” All pre-orders should be in transit. If you don’t have yours yet it’ll be there any day. Anyone interested in sport-specific training should join me.

P90X changed the landscape of home fitness training forever. P90X2 is going to raise the standard, particularly for those of us who participate in athletic activities. One of my promotional articles (for, I think) concluded with a line about how I’ve never been so excited for off-season training to start. I’ve been tinkering with this program for years and it’s finally coming to fruition. I’m psyched.

like presents under a tree, the x2 kit begging me to action.

Over the next few months my goal is not only to get into tip-top shape, but to preemptively answer your questions about sport-specific training with X2. Put this blog on your favorites list and tag along. It’s going to be a helluva fun ride.


hillis said...

I got mine yesterday and love the flexible schedule. I'm starting mine tomorrow with a friend but I think tonight I will do the recovery and mobility workout to help get the body ready.

Steve Edwards said...

If you haven't done any foam rolling be ready for it to change your life.

Senor Leer said...

Jealous of your package. Maybe you should just pack it up and send it down my way. Of course, I've got another 11 weeks of 90X before I'm ready to start on X2.

I'll be looking forward to your impressions as you do the whole process.

Stoney said...

I'm on day 3 today! I'm already modifying the schedule as I play Ice Hockey two times a week (flip flopping days 3 & 4).

So far, I am really enjoying the foam rolling and the active stretch at the end of Plyocide was different.

One question, my groin muscles are always sore from hockey - I've been trying to get my foam roller in that area, but I haven't had much success (and I look stupid trying it).

Steve Edwards said...


There is a good pretty good package coming your way but you can't have my X2!


Lie on the roller with your leg turned out as far as possible. So you are face down, off leg flat, other leg plia'd or rotated as open as you can get it. Start rolling low to high, so begin down by your knee and, slowly--stopping at knots until they release--work your way up the leg.

This position is difficult if you turn out is poor and you might have to cheat the other side to stay on your inner thigh. I end up driving with the opposite knee--so that my lower leg raises as I push with the knee to increase leverage. This is FRIGGIN' painful at first but will release the groin area.

Have fun!

Zach Webb said...

I have used a roam roller, but the rumble roller is a HUGE game changer. My legs are always tight and bothersome, probably from years of soccer, but after using the rumble roller my legs felt like I did yoga....and that was after X2 core! I love the rumble roller and will recommend everyone to use it!

Have fun with P90X2, I know I am!


Zach Webb said...

The rumble roller is a game changer! It has made my legs feel better than ever and that's after doing the first two P90X2 workouts(which are amazing). I do have a normal foam roller but the rumble roller works deep into the muscle and feels amazing. I will recommend it to everyone.


sullivan said...

I can't wait for mine. I ran my first tough mudder last year and am now obsessed with obstacle course/mud runs. I am looking forward to your blogs and info on how to incorporate P90X2 workouts with runs.

Jeremy Garrett said...

I can't wait for my package to arrive, I'm curious as to how it will affect hockey skating performance and balance. I'm a hockey referee, doing anywhere between 5 and 20 games a weekend, so I'm also looking forward to the foam roller work to release tense muscles. I noticed a huge difference in performance after Asylum, I'm hoping for the same here. Any suggestions though related to training with this program specific to hockey?
Thanks! Jeremy

Tonja said...

1) I am SO excited the foam roller is being incorporated and even MORE excited for the bumpy foam roller!!
2) I have a friend who does triathlons and he usually does Crossfit in the winter months - how would you explain to him why this would be better? (cuz that's what I'm telling him)
3) I haven't done P90X but when this was coming out and what I read of it, it seemed more up my alley. I probably have 10 more pounds to lose and want to tone up, but I'm a chick and don't really want to go into fitness modeling.. just look nice. I can do this right? Tell me I can! :) I know it's gonna kick my ass and there will be moves I can't even come close to doing (no pull ups, yet!) - so I just need to hear from someone other than another coach that I've got this!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I made a big mistake! I only ordered the base package. It arrived on Thursday. How can I upgrade and get the next package up?

Nav said...

Hi Steve...just finished my first day of plyocide. Stumbled on to your blog and got convinced into buying the foam roller. Cannot wait to put it to use. Great blog btw!

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

I googled P90X2 blogs and this one stuck out to me b/c of the outdoor sports tag :-). I have a year of triathlons ahead of me so I can't wait to follow your blog. I know that I can't do a "true" 90 day routine b/c I need to keep my biking, running, and swimming involved, but I want to supplement them with X2 workouts for core strength. Not sure if that's your plan, but your feedback will help!! Let's do this!!


Karen said...

I am not a coach, just a happy P90X and Turbo-Fire grad. You've got this and it works very well. I'm in the best shape of my life and just turned 50. If I can do this, anyone can - just keep pushing play.

Steve Edwards said...

Crossfit is fun but this program is far more targeted. The book explains it pretty well and for a little more depth you can click on the P90X2 label and read through the development process. There a lot of applied science at work and it's been tested on the world's best athletes. You don't find a lot of pro athletes doing Xfit in the off-season.

I'm going to try and cover a lot of aspects to scheduling so that everyone can personally tailor it to them. How you abridge should be based on what you are doing--and no one else--so my goal is to provide a template you can understand and work off of.

I've written a bunch of articles specifically on this subject with P90X. There should be links under the P90X lable or you can just web search.

Steve Edwards said...

If you didn't order enough stuff here's your answer:

"We will be offering both a “Deluxe Upgrade Kit” and an “Ultimate Upgrade Kit” – perfect for people who ordered the P90X2 base kit, and then realized that they really do need/want everything that came with the Deluxe or Ultimate kits. The web team is working furiously to get all of the P90X2 equipment (including the upgrade kits) up on Beachbody and Team Beachbody as soon as possible. I should have more information regarding the specific dates when these will go live in the next day, and will let you know as soon as I hear.

The only hitch that we have with the upgrade kits (as well as with the individual gear items) is that we are still working out the situation with the medicine ball inventory, but everything should be in good shape by the new year (if not sooner).