Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Psyche: Klem

How do you one-up Haston? You don't, but Klem Loskot is back to climbing and that's pretty cool. He was always one of the biggest characters in the sport. Not just because he was strong and put up ground-breaking ascents, but because his style of both finding the routes and recording them were, well, different. He's was always off the beaten track and always very.... something. Austrian? The video is one example.

He quit climbing for some years but is back and, apparently, still very strong. Here's a really good interview on Rock & Ice. Click the excerpt for the rest.

It matters a lot because it gives you access to the flow, the feeling of climbing weightless, dancing up with smooth moves. It’s amazing, like in skiing or surfing! This feeling is what "sport" is all about. It is hard to get it in climbing because you need to be very fit.

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Aaron said...

"During the same month that Nanuk saw its second ascent, Loskot, now 38, popped up on and reported the first ascents of 38 problems V12 and harder, including 12 V14s and a V15, all put up on boulders near his home in Salzburg, Austria. In addition to the boulder problems, Loskot has recently redpointed two routes that check in around 5.15a."

Methinks Klem has been visiting!