Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days of Psyche: Record on the Tour Divide

Here's a short but inspiring vid about the guy who set the Tour Divide record. This has to be one of the most grueling physical challenges out there. It also seems a bit boring unless you're wired like this guy. Given it runs more or less through my backyard, one of these years I might have to try and get enough time off work to give 'er a shot. For more about the race, you can now stream Ride the Divide (a documentary about the TD) on Netflix: Ride the Divide


bob banks said...

Just watched Ride the Divide. So-so movie, but worth watching if only for the scene where Matt Lee Finds out Reuben is waiting for him because he can't handle riding alone anymore. Matt's obvious bewilderment at this and subsequent comment "That's what it's all about!" is fricking awesome.

Steve Edwards said...

Yeah. That and when he's sitting in a chair near the end not wanting to leave and finish the race. That guy is pretty rad.

Josh said...

I kind of dig Ride the Divide. Their second film: Reveal the Path is un-fucking-watchable.