Monday, May 04, 2009

Week 2

Things ramp up a bit this week. Last night I filled the fridge with fruit and veggies, while Romney added some raw dairy products, sprouted cereals, and such. Along with Shakeology this will make up most of this week's diet (cleanse, actually, as it's only 5 days so it's not really a diet).

Finished last week off by getting on a 13a and 13b yesterday. I did neither but both are far easier than my project, so they'll go on the list of training routes to gauge my progress. Now I'd better get to some serious weight shedding! I need to get so much stronger it's ridiculous.

This week will be a recovery week so far as climbing goes, while I ramp up my other training a bit. But with the reduction in calories it's going to be a lot of low-level training, gearing up to some sort of simulated Giro beginning on May 9th. Still don't know what this is going to be as I'm assessing what kind of stress my back can handle. It was tired after our trip, but I was tired after the trip. Now that I'm settled in I'll be able to address it properly.

More people have been joining in the challenge each day. Very cool. Romney started her challenge today. She was out the door at 5AM and has something else slated for this evening. She seems to be taking the gung ho approach to my slow and steady. Hey, whatever works is always the best option.

vid: a lame vid i tossed together to decide whether or not to purchase some editing software. someday i'll shoot some real footage. i promise. it has cool music though, borrowed from sigur ros' web site


Reedster said...

Nice job Ron Kauk. And with those jeans rolled up you can ride the fixie home.

Glad to see you're getting out and your back isn't bothering you. Not my cup of tea, but then I prefer coffee; strong, dark coffee.

Steve Edwards said...

That's only because my karate pants were at the cleaners.

You think I don't prefer coffee? I'm only drinking tea because it's what my Zen brothers do. The search for self through denial, or so I have read. Now if I could just find that didjereedoo all would be right.

Om, man.